What we believe

We believe that Jesus redeemed us, or bought us back, from the guilt of our sin and the slavery of death.  By giving his life for us, he released us from that bondage, even though we could offer nothing at all to him.  Jesus saved us all because of his grace and not because of any works or any goodness we could have hoped to offer to him.  That message of sheer grace and pure love to us we find in his Word, the completely true and relevant message for our lives.  That message is the power of God the Holy Spirit uses to create faith in our hearts, another of his gracious gifts to us, not a decision we make or a work we do for him.  Through the waters of baptism, the Holy Spirit forgives sins, creates faith, and saves us.  In the Lord's Supper, Jesus is truly present with his body and blood to forgive our sins and assure us of salvation.  Because we are saved by God's grace through faith, we serve not because we have to, but because in thankfulness we want to.