XChange: A substitute for self-improvement

No one would fault you for thinking that a relationship with God is mainly about all the ways in which you need to change.  There's a reason our thoughts often go in that direction: we don't want to admit that we're a lost cause and don't want to give up on ourselves.  It's only when we stop putting our hope in change that we go looking for something else, namely, an exchange.  Rather than leaving us to our endless attempts at self-improvement, God provided a substitute to live and die in our place.  He takes our sin, guilt, and death and offers us holiness, acceptance, and life in exchange.

February 18: Substitute for Son

February 25: Boast for Cross

March 4: Sign for Stumbling Block

March 11: Faith for Works

March 18: Source for Seed

March 25: Joy for Shame

March 29: Self for Symbol

March 30: Once for Always