Ministry or Mortar?  

What's next for our church

What's easier: transforming a church or transforming hearts?  What's a more important project: making a church look beautiful, or helping people realize God's grace is beautiful because it's completely undeserved?  What leaves a greater impact: building a church or building the Church?  After about three years of planning, three months of work, and countless volunteer hours, we can now reflect on the great blessing God has given us in this new worship space.  But we're nowhere close from being done; it's just the start of far greater things.  Buildings are simply tools for ministry; in other words, mortar serves ministry.  This new worship series places the focus back on where it belongs and introduces what's next: a ministry path we call "the RLC 5."

August 20: Grand Reopening

August 27: Symbolism & Statements in the New Church

September 3: RLC 5 - Worship

September 10: RLC 5 - Fellowship

September 17: Welcome Weekend

September 24: RLC 5 - Bible Study

October 1: RLC 5 - Community Service

October 8: RLC 5 - Evangelism