Easter: The gift that keeps on giving

What greater gift could you ever receive but life after you die, joy in the face of sorrow, and confidence of a glorified future when all seems lost?  That is what Easter is all about.  That is why, for two thousand years, Easter has been the most important day in the Christian church calendar.  This is what life is all about: an answer to humanity's most nagging question about what happens after death.  For as good a gift as it is, Easter's message that Jesus has defeated humanity's deepest fear and worst enemy keeps on giving.  It continues to spread more gifts in our lives until that day when we will enjoy Jesus' victory with him.  Throughout the Easter season, in readings from Acts of the Apostles we hear how that gift impacted the lives of the first Christians, and in readings from the apostles' letters, we learn how that gift keeps on giving in our lives today.

April 1: Easter gives victory

April 8: Easter gives peace

April 15: Easter gives understanding

April 22: Easter gives protection

April 29: Easter gives power

May 6: Easter gives purpose

May 13: Easter gives confidence