Welcome home

Welcome Home Sunday is October 27.  

The Welcome Home series continues through November.

"Welcome home."  It's what people say when college students return from school, when military personnel return from serving overseas, or when family members return from a long vacation or business trip.  It's also what the Christian church says to each other.  Belonging to a church is not really about membership in an institution; it's about belonging to part of a community that supports, encourages, and holds each other accountable.  If Scripture constantly refers to believers as "brothers and sisters," then we need to treat the church as a spiritual family.  The bond of faith in the church is greater than any biological bond.  In this worship series, we will look at how our Father knits us together in love and unity into a spiritual family.  We will see the benefits of being part of this family.  In the Church, Christ has given us a better home.  No matter what your past, welcome home!

October 27: Our Need for Christian Community

November 3: You are Free to Be Yourself

November 10: You are Perfectly Safe Here

November 17: You Have an Everlasting Family

November 24: You are Part of Christ's Glorious Kingdom