A New Day Dawns

Easter Makes Everything New

Join us on Easter Sunday!  Our breakfast begins at 9 am, an Easter egg hunt for kids

at 9:30 am, and a festival service at 10:30 am!

The rhythm of every night and morning speaks as a metaphor for our life.  Every day we need a chance to place darkness in our past, let go of all our unfinished tasks, and start fresh.  We need a new day.  Once light peered over the horizon after Jesus died, a new day dawned.  When the sunlight fell on an empty tomb on the first Easter morning, the world saw that Jesus Christ had risen from the dead and ushered in a new era of peace, forgiveness, and hope.  A new day dawned where sin cannot condemn us, guilt cannot control us, and death cannot contain us.  Our lives are never the same, because Easter makes everything new.

April 21: New Life

April 28: New Certainty

May 5: New Power

May 12: New Protection

May 19: New Love

May 26: New Obedience

June 2: New Assurance