Anchor: Security stronger than any storm

In life, storms are inevitable and unavoidable.  The only question is, "What will you hold onto when they hit?"  Most religion today expects you to hang on as best as you can when they come.  Jesus provided exactly what we need by sending his Holy Spirit into the world on the day of Pentecost.  His work is nothing more than to continually point us to Jesus' work for us and his promises to us.  That is something solid to hold onto that is stronger than any storm.

May 20: Sending Stronger than Staying

May 27: Three Stronger than One

June 3: Rest Stronger than Work

June 10: Family Stronger than Foes

June 17: Seed Stronger than Sight

June 24: Faith Stronger than Fear

July 1: Hope Stronger than Death

July 8: Message Stronger than Opposition

July 15: Sender Stronger than Messenger

July 22: Together Stronger than Alone