God so loved the world

The Best Gift of All for All

Everyone wants the holiday season to be filled with love - love among friends, love among family, love among neighbors.  Christmas is no exception.  We hope for love that is completely selfless and unconditional, but rarely - if ever - do we see that kind of love, even during the holidays.  Only in God's gift of love do we see love in its fullest sense.  This gift is given not to friends or family who will return the favor with other gifts, but it is given to a sinful world who needs the Son of God to enter into it and save it.  This Christmas season, we look at how Christmas proves why John 3:16, the most famous passage in the Bible, is true.  If God loved the world, then he loves you.  If he sent his Son for the world, then he sent him for you.  God's gift of his Son is the best gift of all for all.

December 1: The Gift's Expectation

December 8: The Gift's Preparation

December 15: The Gift's Fulfillment

December 22: The Gift's Arrival

December 24-25: The Gift's Embodiment

December 29: The Gift's Protection

January 5: The Gift's Destination