Face like Flint

Meet the One Who's Willing to Face Anything for You

How much is someone willing to do for you?  That simple question is often a good barometer of a relationship.  Friends are willing to hang out with you, spend time with you, and invite you over to their house, but once a friendship grows cold, how much are they willing to do then?  Families are willing to provide for each other, care for each other, and buy presents for each other, but once biting words come out, how much are they willing to do then?  True unconditional love that is willing to face anything for someone - no matter the pain, rejection, and loss - is so rare in this world.  This Lent, meet the one whose face was like flint to face everything and anything - suffering, humiliation, and even death - all for you.

March 10: Sinless in the Face of Temptation

March 17: Resolute in the Face of Opposition

March 24: Insistent in the Face of Impenitence

March 31: Loving in the Face of Arrogance

April 7: Righteous in the Face of Rejection

April 14: Majestic in the Face of Humiliation